We Love Trees

Sweeping lawns and age-old trees create a genuine “English countryside” atmosphere here in beautiful Heatherwood.  For the first time, you can enjoy true country-estate living without moving to the country.  Downtown Tulsa is a brief 10 minutes away, the city’s largest shopping area no more than a five minute drive away.  Yet your Heatherwood apartment home seems as remote from the city’s hustle and bustle as an island in the stream!


Quiet is hearing the birds sing

The melodious warble of a thrush, the soft whistle of a brilliant cardinal; the soft throaty call of a mourning dove…you’ll hear them all at Heatherwood.  The peace and quiet that makes the city seem far away serves to provide a sanctuary for dozens of songbirds.  So far, some of our dedicated birdwatchers have identified at 13 varieties.  We think that there are more in the dappled woods that surround us, Come out and count them for yourself.


You’ll love our outdoor green space!

In addition to over 1000 trees, we have a 5 acre private park and a community garden.  Our park offers a beautiful and peaceful setting for our residents and our pets alike.  Take a stroll on the ¼ mile walking trail, do some bird watching from a park bench, or plant some vegetables in one of our individual community garden plots.  The possibilities are endless for outdoor and nature lovers.  


We love flowers

Flowers take many forms, and we love them all, from a single scarlet geranium blazing on someone’s window sill to wisteria or passion flower vining up the archways to pansies and impatiens in scattered pots, We bet you will have to get your flower book and look up what a passion flower looks like.


You meet the nicest people

In Heatherwood apartment homes.  Your kind of people; interesting, companionable.  The kind of people who are easy to get to know—and so worthy of knowing you’ll want your friends to meet them too!


Recreation and Social Facilities

Here at Heatherwood, we have a variety of recreational facilities and gatherings available for our residents.  From our two sparkling pools to our 24 hour gym, we have you covered.  Sit and relax in our private park, or join one of our weekly social activities such as BINGO or the Saturday morning coffee/donut social.  If you are interested in crafts join the Crafting Corner gang and enjoy scrapbooking, wreath making, or a cooking class.  In addition to weekly activities, we also have a number of annual activities such as our 4th of July Barbeque, Halloween contests, or our more elegant Christmas Party.  Whatever your interest, Heatherwood has something for you!    

Stay Healthy

We have a brand new fitness center available to our residents 24 hours a day.  Walk on the treadmill, ride the recumbent bike, lift some free weights, or unwind with some yoga. We want to help you stay healthy and fit!  


Many of our residents come in pairs or groups to work out together. We provide a large screen TV to entertain you while you are building up those muscles'.


Peace of mind

Massive stone and timber construction plus security lighting gives you peace of mind.  In fact, the sturdy old English strength of the buildings and private coded limited access gates with iron, brick and timber fences will keep you sleeping soundly.  


Travel carefree

When you need to leave home, for business or pleasure, you can leave your home in Heatherwood without a backward glance.  No yard or garden to worry about while you are gone.  Pet boarding facilities right next door.  Just lock up, let the manager know you’ll be gone, and take off without a care!


Pet boarding facilities right next door.' We will even pick up a newspaper and hold your mail for you.


Enjoy cooking out?

Charcoal broil a delicious dinner for two on the convenient gas-fired grills at the poolside.  You’ll be enjoying that special flavor or outdoor cooking.  The sizzle of broiled steaks, the pungent odors, the stillness that surrounds you—this is life at Heatherwood!


Relax with friends in the clubroom

There are many ways to entertain at Heatherwood and each of them is something special.  Your close friends be accommodated in your own living room.  For larger gathering there  is our beautiful new clubroom with a full kitchen so you can entertain as many as 80 people at the same time!  When the weather is at its best, host even larger gatherings on one of the spacious patio areas near the pool—complete with gas lighting and modern gas grills.


Pets Welcome

We have all types of pets here at Heatherwood.  From our fine feathered friends to our four legged friends, we welcome all types of animals at Heatherwood (aggressive breeds of dogs excluded).  Dogs can enjoy play dates with other dogs or simply going for walks and exploring the park area.  We love our pets here at Heatherwood and our pets love Heatherwood!